Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nike WWC Roshe One

As mentioned before, I took a trip to Canada for the Women's World Cup. Since it only comes around every 4 years, there have been a lot of new merchandise popping up from various companies. Nike is a huge sponsor for US Soccer so it was no surprise to find out that they had made a few pairs of shoes to commemorate the event. These shoes came out in the middle of June but I didn't actually find out about them until after the tournament.

I'd noticed that a few of the Nike sponsored athletes (Hope Solo & Alyssa Naeher) were wearing some really cool shoes in their post-WWC victory appearances. I loved the color of the sole and knew I wanted them for my collection. One of my friends who was on the trip with me was visiting California and found them in a Nike store there. We FINALLY had a product number and I ordered them on the spot. 

My favorite part of these shoes are the iridescent/glitter details. They're so unique and to be honest, kind of remind me of mermaids. Like, if mermaids had feet, THESE would be their Nikes!

Not only are they gorgeous but they're so comfortable! I wouldn't necessarily use these to work out in but they're great lifestyle shoes. They'd be great to wear when you know you'll be walking around a lot or even just while running errands. 

The shoes can be found here and run TTS! Also, this isn't sponsored by Nike (I wish) nor is the link an affiliated with any 3rd party.

xo, Sara

|big thanks to my brother for taking these pictures for me!!|  

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