Hey y'all! I'm Sara, the writer behind this here blog! 

A 20-something Atlanta native, I spend my days as a nanny to twins and every other ounce of my time exploring my city, spending way too much time in the aisles of Barnes & Noble, online shopping, Netflix marathons, and oh yeah...watching sports. A lot of sports.

My love of sports comes from my amazing Dad. He raised me to cheer on the Kentucky Wildcats, Green Bay Packers, and that German soccer (football, to them) was the best in the world. Together, we've attended countless sporting events and over the years, my love has only grown! Having played soccer from the time I was little until the end of high school, I began actually following our U.S. Men's & Women's National Teams as well as the MLS and NWSL when my playing career ended. It's funny how the absence of playing can spark a whole different interest in the game as a fan. Sports are not only a big part of my every day life, they also play a big role in the various trips I go on. I love that I'm able to support my teams while also going on some pretty amazing adventures.

Since I do support such a wide variety of sports, there is bound to be a favorite. For me, this is soccer. Between the U.S. National Team, MLS, NWSL, & European Leagues, my true passion is the beautiful game (hence the name of this blog). Since hanging up my cleats for good, I've fallen in love with this game on a level that I was unable to attain as a player. This game, while causing entirely too much stress in my life, is also where I find my peace. This June, I'll be traveling to Winnipeg, MB for two weeks to experience the group stage of the FIFA Women's World Cup. This trip is damn near a once in a lifetime opportunity and I cannot wait to share my experiences on this blog. 

BUT, don't worry! In addition to my sports rants, this space will also be my haven to write about everything else that interests me. This includes but is not limited to: rants about things that irrationally annoy me, excessive Harry Potter references, new discoveries around Atlanta, and anything else that has the potential to make people laugh.

US National Team//Seattle Sounders//Seattle Reign//Kentucky Wildcats//Green Bay Packers

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